Consummate Catering

Catering—It’s the meat of what we do, and unless you’re lucky enough to see a Jack’s Roadside BBQ Mobile Unit at an event somewhere, it’s the only way to partake in the utter deliciousness that is Jack’s. Juicy beef brisket, rib meat that falls off the bone, jerk chicken in the style of the fabled Clubhouse Bar-B-Q of Ferndale, Michigan (see Our Story), scintillating sides that are always made from scratch, these are the things we bring to the party. And by that we mean your party, your picnic, your reunion or corporate event. In fact, anywhere you find people with a pulse, gathered for any reason, Jack’s Roadside BBQ oughta be your caterer of choice. Well, maybe not a ventriloquist convention (like the annual one in Cincinnati). Those dummies can make enjoying barbeque a little weird.